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We will do our best to make your stay at our B&B a pleasant one. To do this, we have established the following rules. We appreciate that you take a few minutes to review our policy and contact us if you have any questions about it.



When making a reservation, it is considered that you have full knowledge of the policies, payment, rejection and cancellation of Jardines la Loma B&B. .

The reservation procedure begins with a written request via email, where a date of arrival and departure, number of nights and number of people must be indicated. Which is answered within a maximum period of 24 hours (except when there are connectivity problems in the area). The query is answered by the same means, confirming availability of dates, rooms.

Giving the data of the bank account of the B&B for the mandatory total payment required for the completion of the reservation. It is mandatory to send a notice by e-mail with the registration of the transfer or the voucher of the deposit made. Administrative expenses for bank transfers are borne by the issuer. .


Check-In is from 02:00 pm and Check-Out is at 12:00 am at the latest.




Given our relatively small size, cancellations, late cancellations and no-shows really affect our business, so our payment and cancellation policy are as follows:


  • Guests are responsible for paying for all nights booked, regardless of their arrival and departure time.

  • Customers who do not show up will lose their entire payment.

  • Modifications and changes to your reservation are accepted as long as there is availability and it is notified at least 15 days in advance.

  • Jardines la Loma is managed by the owners who reserve the right to deny the service to anyone. Jardines is not responsible for accidents or injuries to guests or for the loss of money, jewelry or valuables of any kind.




Jardines la Loma cannot accept responsibility or pay any compensation when the reservation contract is affected by the circumstance that amounts to "force majeure".

Circumstances that amount to "force majeure" include any event that we could not control, even with care to anticipate or avoid. Such circumstances include fire, flood, explosion, storm or other damage caused by weather, theft, criminal damage, riot, or civil damage. natural disaster, adverse weather conditions, war or threat of war, actual or threatened terrorist activity, epidemic and similar situations beyond our control.

It is explicitly agreed that there is an event of force majeure that suspends the execution of reciprocal obligations for the parties. In particular, after the force majeure event.

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